Tuesday, June 27, 2006


Come see me and Ian K represent Hardscience at Next Level's Cybertron - July 7th!

Friday, March 03, 2006

Some pics from Podcast Hotel

Photography credit goes to Cathy Wang

Saturday, February 25, 2006

The reviews are in...

These are just a few of the comments people have been posting about my new mix,The Fire Inside.

"No fucking around with this mix. SOLID mixes and fierce toonidge. I like the way it starts off techy and builds nicely, just gets harder as it goes a long with flawless mixing. Fooking nice one Ryan"

Wicked fuckin mix!!! Luvin the hell outta this one. Will for sure be one that gets played over and over and over and over again!!!!!"

Flawlessly mixed, top selection.... thanks for a top mix!"

... and these are just the ones on HardNRG Perhaps it's time you went and took a listen, if you haven't already.

Podcast Hotel

So Podcast Hotel went very well. There was a very positive buzz about the event and I met a number of very cool people. (Damn, I just said "very" like 3 times so you know it had to be good!). Russ played a great tribal set, then Jacob London threw down a fun and dirty house-y set. After that (and an unscripted hip-hop interlude), I got to drop a mess of the hard stuff. It was good times. Pictures and podcasts (of course) are supposed to be available soon. I'll post links once they are.
Thanks to Ian K for getting me on the lineup for this occasion, thanks to Joe Klein for the killer intros and the great conversation, Alex Williams for organizing everything, and thanks to the people who showed up and had a great time. For more photos, hit up Ian K's Podcast Hotel photo album on Flickr

Friday, February 17, 2006

The new Mix is up. http://www.negative459.com/Fire_Inside.mp3 "Hardscience Presents: Ryan Alexander - The Fire Inside".

Track Listing is as follows:

01 Testtube Babies - Jungle Style
02 Phil York & Colin Barratt - Change the World
03 Ben Bostock - Head Critters (Narc remix)
04 Dave Owens & Frank Farrell - Graduate (Glazby remix)
05 Ben Stevens - Attack
06 Defective Audio - Eject
07 OD404 - Crazy Bass
08 Marc Johnson - Kick Ass Element (Justin Bourne remix)
09 Active Mind - You Work For Me
10 Defective Audio vs Justin Bourne - Get Down to Business
11 Paul Glazby & Paul King - Let Me Go (Glazby remix)
12 Defective Audio vs Knuckleheadz - DJs Are Heroes

Hardscience @ Podcast Hotel's Electronic Lounge (SEA)

Join us for an evening of electronic beats and technological treats Fri Feb 24th from 9PM until 1AM.

Jacob London - www.jacoblondon.net

Ryan Alexander - www.hardscience.net

+Russ - www.djplusruss.com

Come check out some great beats and geek out with fellow music lovers,
learn about Podcasting and how you can use it to promote your music.

There will be demonstrations and workstations for Blogging and Podcasting at the venue!

$10 at the door, visit www.podcasthotel.com for information on other
ticket options, including the 3 day pass to all the conference sessions
during the day and nightly music events.

Located at:

111 West John Street Seattle, WA

Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Welcome! This page will serve as a supplement to hardscience.blogspot.com Stay tuned!